English Interview Test Design

Below you can find the details about the English Interview (IM) which aims to test and evaluate the candidates’ English skills online to accelerate and enhance the practicality of the recruitment process.


IM’s online exam, which lasts 65 minutes, totals 80 points and comprises 4 sections.

Use Of English

Our 25-minute multiple-choice test which has 50 questions tests candidates’ English grammar knowledge.

Cloze Test

This section, which is tailored for each distinct position in the company, tests business English. The cloze test requires the candidate to fill in ten blank spaces in a reading text by selecting the best alternative from those provided. Candidates are given 10 minutes to complete this section.


The listening section consists of two parts which test general English and business English knowledge and is formed of 10 questions. In the first part, the candidate listens to a 2.5-minute general text which may be on such topics as the European Union, time management or the Renaissance and answers 5 multiple choice questions. The second part which tests business English contains 5 further questions. This section tests understanding of a listening text which relates specifically to the position for which the candidate has applied. Candidates are given ten minutes to answer all ten questions across both sections.

Case Study Or Translation

In this section, a candidate who obtains 30 points or more in the first stages of the exam is considered to be at B1 or B1+ level and is exposed to a Case Study related to the position applied for. The candidate is expected to detail their response and attitude toward the given situation. A candidate who has scored below 30 is considered to be at B1 level or lower and is asked to translate 10 Turkish sentences into English. In both cases candidates are given ten minutes to complete their task.


After completing the 65-minute online written exam, the candidate schedules an appointment for their speaking exam via the on-screen calendar. The speaking exam may be scheduled directly after the written exam or at another convenient time for the candidate.

In the 20-point speaking exam which can be conducted via mobile phone or Skype, the candidate is first exposed to some ice-breaking questions. Once these general questions are complete, the candidate will go on to answer detailed questions prepared in accordance with Common European Framework (CEFR). The exam assesses content, pronunciation, fluency and use of English. If the candidate is at B1 level or above, they will answer business English questions relating to the position for which they have applied.

The speaking exam is recorded and shared with you. The exam can be held in your company offices upon request and based on the agreement signed with IM.