What does IM Offer its Partners?

Serving its customers with the motto of A new process in the recruitment, IM offers its customers, HR departments and their candidates numerous advantages with its unique exam infrastructure prepared for 53 different business fields.

Advantages to Company Brand

Company Vision

IM, having 40 different business field exams in its infrastructure, enables you to start the employment process with the candidate whose business English level you are sure of and hire the right person. By ensuring that you hire candidates who have good Business English skills, you will see an end to difficulties and misunderstandings in communication with your foreign partners. Besides this, your employees will be able to effectively represent your company well and create a good impression while working internationally or attending corporate events.

No unexpected expenses

IM is the most advantageous and efficient way from a financial perspective. Thanks to IM, you are confidently able to start the employment process with the candidate whose English level you are sure of and hire the right person. By means of IM’s testing and assessment system you avoid unexpected expenses and unpleasant surprises after employing a candidate.

Advantages to Human Resources Department

Helpful for Recruitment Process

IM may be applied in the recruitment of a single candidate or during mass expansion periods. Thus, it is the most operationally effective method or assessment for your company. The IM exam system, which is open access and available 24/7, tests the candidate’s English level with respect to English grammar, listening, writing, reading and speaking and delivers the report of a candidate’s test assessment just 10 minutes after the final section has been completed. Therefore, IM is able to accelerate the recruitment process and save your company time and resources.

Efficient and Easy Use

Benefiting from IM services is easy. Simply inform us of the vacant position(s) your company or HR department is advertising and request access to the link(s) for the relevant post(s).

After purchasing the IM online exam and evaluation service, they system will manage the majority of the process on your behalf. Simply provide your candidate with the exam like and sixteen-digit code supplied to the candidate. IM will the handle the rest for you by evaluating the candidate’s English level.

IM keeps track of used IM keys with the details of exam date, result, department, personal information of the candidate etc. by doing so, IM doesn't cause any extra workload to HR department.

Packages for Needs

IM offers 4 different exam packages to its customers and gives opportunity to choose the right exam package according to the need of the companies.

Advantages to Candidates

Exam Content

The IM Exam has been prepared by professional specialists in accordance with the Common European Framework (CEFR). All components are assessed via position specific questions matched to the area of employment for which the candidate has applied. There are no unnecessary questions to tire the candidates out of their fields.

IM Exam Duration

Being aware of the fact that long exams are big hinders ahead of the candidates in assessment process, it takes 65 minutes to complete an IM exam.

IM Exam Guidelines

IM English Interview minimizes the risk factors in the assessment process by reminding exam guidelines at the beginning of each section.

Anytime Anywhere

IM English Interview gives the candidates an opportunity to take the exam whenever and wherever they want. By doing so, IM aims to make the candidates feel comfortable during the exam.